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We help creative entrepreneurs build luxury custom websites for their small businesses by focusing on key elements of a successful online platform and SEO strategies.  D&G is a luxury premium website design business that focuses on quality, attention to detail, and bringing your brand to a whole new level.


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Website Design & Development

Our design team will take your audience-focused content and create a website that will help you achieve the success you truly deserve. We help creative entrepreneurs build their digital presence by focusing on SEO strategies, performing market research, and keyword placement. We use the highest quality website design technology available, offering the latest typography, mobile-optimized design services, and hosting services using WP Engine, which makes us a simple one-stop business machine. 

Website Design

Our goal is to have a minimal approach to website design. It is a tough balance to keep a website simple because it can be complicated to have a simple layout. It takes a long time to look simply elegant.

Branding & Logo

We will do a brand audit and fine-tune your business culture to match your style. We use a simple approach to branding and making your brand stand out.

Content Strategy

In this business, we understand that everyone is different and looking for different things to achieve maximum results. As a result, this is where you talk with us about your expectations and see what we can offer in addition to what we have listed


In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we do a keyword search and use a mathematical approach. Searching for the best niche short tail and long tail keywords.

Full Hosting & Maintenance

Diamonds & Giraffes by Finnmark Scandinavian Design is a full-service freelance web design agency; we offer website design, hosting services, and maintenance packages for your business. We specialize in creating individual websites for your specific business needs and creating roads for your website using a strategic design. Your online presence is essential, and having a custom design for your business is necessary to also increase the value of your start-up or business. Let’s get started to get your website to the next level!

Built From Scratch

Our goal is for your website to stand out among the completion.  We strive to use quality layout design that is custom-built for your site.

Choose a Premade Template

To make things easier we have premade templates available.  We can customize them to fit your goals.

Dedicated Hosting

We recommend hosting and maintenance with us to optimize your social media, SEO, and keep your website to update. We want to be a one-stop shop to ultimately make things easier for everyone.

Maintenance & Updates

With the maintenance plan, we will do everything we can to make your website complete. With constant updates, SEO optimization, and malware scans, we will also do spam removal and weekly plugin & theme updates.


1. Define

We will define your business’s brand to exceed your expectations and take your website to a whole new level.  While making sure your website is SEO optimized.

2. Design

With an emphasis on typography, white space, and mobile-optimized design, your website will look absolutely breathtaking.

3. Refine

Our team will take your audience-focused content and put it on your website which will help you achieve the success you truly deserve.

4. Build

We help creative entrepreneurs build their digital businesses by focusing on four key elements of a successful online platform.

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Our design team will do a brand audit, and use a minimal design theory to take your brand to the next level.  We work with bringing your ideas to life by creating brand identity materials, a branding direction, and a message. We ultimately want to build a relationship with our clients, making sure their brand message gets through to their website. 

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Who we are…

We have over eight years of web design experience using WordPress, offering full-service hosting and maintenance. Our design team specializes in strategic design to build roads, and truly make a presence online. Creating an online presence that not only makes your business stand out but will increase the value of your company. We are ready to build your digital business with hosting, design, SEO, and Mobile-optimized sites, bringing your business to the next level with a best-in-class full-service design agency.

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“Rachel created a wonderful website! She listened carefully to understand what I want and what is important to me. She created a beautiful color palette and asked the right questions to create a delightful result. We ran into some unforeseen issues with the web-hosting agency, and she solved everything in a whiff and was very professional. If you want to work with a creative, upcoming web designer – Rachel is your go-to!”

Tina Crowell

Crowell | Online Business Management

“Rachel has been a wonderful asset as a GeekPack Intern. She is very active in the group and is always willing to help troubleshoot any issue, no matter how big or small. Rachel is also among the first to provide encouragement and celebrate the accomplishments of others. She has shown so much passion for the GeekPack community and her participation is respected by other members of the group and team. Rachel possesses the spirit to be a very skilled WordPress Developer who meets the needs of her clients.”

Julia Taylor

CEO & Founder of GeekPack®

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