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Historical Museum Website Build

The Hubbard County Historical Society was looking to create a new website for their museum, as the one they had before was old and in need of a refresh. They wanted to go to hire a local website designer and know that someone would take care of them.

Hubbard County Historical Museum website mockup


What Our Clients Say . . .

2 4 min

Rachel created a wonderful website! She listened carefully to understand what I want and what is important to me. She created a beautiful color palette and asked the right questions to create a delightful result. We ran into some unforeseen issues with the web-hosting agency and she solved everything in a whiff and was very professional. If you want to work with a creative web designer – Rachel is your go-to!

Tina Crowell - Crowell Online Business Management

1 4 min

Rachel has been a wonderful asset as a GeekPack Intern. She is very active in the group and is always willing to help troubleshoot any issue, no matter how big or small. Rachel is also among the first to provide encouragement and celebrate the accomplishments of others. She has shown so much passion for the GeekPack community and her participation is respected by other members of the group and team. Rachel possesses the spirit to be a very skilled WordPress Developer who meets the needs of her clients.

Julia Taylor - CEO & Founder of GeekPack®


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